For His Glory

Sometimes things aren’t simple. Things don’t always feel good. But marriage is a commitment between man, woman, and God. Love extends beyond every challenge. Spouses are a gift given to help fulfill God’s purpose for each of us. This song is a reminder that it is all for God’s glory.

Be encouraged,


Tasha Cobbs – For Your Glory


Totally Committed

My son’s class has a volunteer grandparent. She has been with his class nearly everyday since September. Her spirit is so sweet and she loves each of the children tremendously.

I had the chance to talk to her one day about her family. She told me that she and her husband had been married for 50 years!! Then she told me that he’d spent the last 15 years in a nursing home. In 1997 he had a stroke that left him severely incapacitated. She also told me that she goes everyday and spends some time with him. Today, I found out that her dear husband has died. I am sad for her. I can only imagine the new grief his death has caused.

Nowadays, people would say that she became a widow the day her husband suffered a stroke. But, her commitment to him continued until death. She is such an amazing woman, such an amazing wife! I pray that God will comfort and establish peace in her heart. Please join me and pray for Mom-Mom T. as she walks this new path with God.