Who Am I?



Vocational School

Webster’s Dictionary defines vocation as:

a strong impulse or inclination to follow a particular activity or career or
a function or station in life to which one is called by God:

I think of marriage as a vocation. It is something that should be entered into with an attitude of commitment. I believe that we are driven to marriage by God and by our need to fulfill the roles first given to Adam and Eve. This doesn’t mean that I expect everyone to be married, neither do I expect everyone to want to get married. That being said, I do believe that most people are meant to be married. American society places emphasis on “achievement”…college degrees, climbing the corporate ladder, entrepreneurship, financial freedom, etc. Young women are encouraged to explore and see what they con do on their own.

I don’t believe that this thinking is inherently flawed. It is important that each of us, male or female, learn who we are and what we are capable of. I know women who have chosen to continue their careers or their education after marriage. I appreciate and applaud their achievements. But, I am disturbed by the way women who have decided to jump the broom instead of breaking the glass ceiling are viewed. Marriage is a calling from God to serve our husbands, families, and each other. Before I was married I had many opportunities to do things that weren’t directing me toward the path I ended up on. Yet, I don’t regret getting off the corporate ladder to focus on my family. Over the years I’ve heard so many negative comments about women who choose to stay home (including those directed at me) and each time it grieves me.

As I’m writing, I’m confident there is someone reading this who needs to be encouraged. If God has called you to the vocation of full-time wife and/or mother I applaud you. Embrace your life and examine your perception. Instead of corporate meetings it may be the PTA. Company retreats may become a picnic at the park. Frequent business trips may be replaced by trips to the grocery story. Whatever your situation, know that God has called you to do a great work. He’s driven your heart in the direction that He would have you to go. Though it may be hard at times to find validation in the messages you receive from society please know that God is proud of you. You are doing a great thing!

Be encouraged,