For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord , thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end. (Jeremiah 29:11 KJV)

In tough times I remember reciting Jer 29:11 through my tears. My marriage was a shambles, our finances were turned upside down, life seemed rife with struggle. In this scripture I found comfort and strength because it reminded me that the season I was in wasn’t going to last forever.

My focus was so intense on verse 11 that it took me some time to get to the next two verses.

Then shall ye call upon me, and ye shall go and pray unto me, and I will hearken unto you. And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart. (Jeremiah 29:12-13 KJV)

God wants to bless us, wants to hear from us and wants to be there for us. This can only happen if our heart is turned toward him. We have to look for God wherever and whatever we are in. Even when things feel bad if we turn our WHOLE heart to God we will find Him. I’m so very thankful that we serve a God who hears us.

Keep expecting,



Insane optimism

Marriage has challenges. At times they can seem impossible to beat. But, perseverance is essential to a successful and lasting relationship. Even at the worst of times we must cling to our faith.

At his lowest, Job said:

[I do it because, though He slay me, yet will I wait for and trust Him and] behold, He will slay me; I have no hope–nevertheless, I will maintain and argue my ways before Him and even to His face. This will be my salvation, that a polluted and godless man shall not come before Him. (Job 13:15, 16 AMP)

Face your challenges with the attitude that God has fixed it all. Everyday, believe that if God chose not to fix it today, He may choose to do it tomorrow. Accept that no matter how long the wait it is His will.

Job had no explanation for his losses. His friends had nothing good to say. Their attempts at being comforting fell flat. Job had nowhere to turn but to the one that had taken it all away..God. He professed his allegiance and declared that through it all he’d be righteous.
In the midst of the storm don’t stop being radically, faithfully, insanely optimistic.

Be encouraged,


Don’t give up

Not every day in marriage will be easy. I encourage those who have decided to give up take take another look. Love covers a multitude of sins. Abuse is not acceptable….I’m very clear on that! But, bruised egos, hurt feelings, and miscommunication can be remedied.

We must be confidant that God desires the best for us. Sometimes we look to our spouse to heal the wounds that only God can. Other times we treat God like we treat people – we are suspicious, cautious and afraid. Instead, we should be open, honest and vulnerable in His presence. As a wife, the greatest lesson I’ve ever learned is to take my pain to God in prayer.

Take another look,